Bioskop 16+

DNA atelier (ENG)

Come and see how look your cells and izolate own DNA from your cells!


Course is paid: 100 CZK/student (minimal number of participants is 12 scholars)

Please, write to


This course takes 2 hours.

Bacteria, dogs, cats, people or sunflowers, all living creatures on earth have something in common: they are made from tiny microscopic units called cells. In each of these cells we can find DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid), which carries the genetic information and codes all the instructions for the living organisms.

To learn more about cells we look at them under the microscope. You will learn how to see DNA, how to isolate it from vegetables and even from your own cells!


Minimal number of participants is 12 students, maximal number is 30.


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